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As polymer specialists, we serve the medical device and pharmaceutical industries by specifying, developing and characterizing custom polymers to your specifications. Regardless of the stage of polymer development you’re in, we offer specific, high-quality capabilities to fit your needs.

Medical Devices

Often, commercially available polymers won’t deliver the specific functionality your medical device requires. From 3D-printing structures to thermoplastics, Chempilots develops the highest quality custom polymers available for your product.


Your polymers must meet all processability, stability and therapeutic response requirements. Chempilots has years of experience helping companies develop specialty polymers as excipients to meet critical release profiles.

Call the Polymer Specialists Today

Chempilots serves the medical device and pharmaceutical industries by providing research, development, custom polymerization and beyond. Reach out to us today by calling 952-686-6525 or send us a message.