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Polymers For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Used as excipients in pharmaceutical products, polymers help facilitate the processability, stability and therapeutic response of a drug. At Chempilots, we offer polymer synthesis of specialty polymer excipients, as well as downstream purification and processing to fit your unique pharmaceutical polymer specifications.

Degradable biocompatible polymers

Chempilots can provide custom synthesis and develop functional polymers for drug delivery. Based on well-recognized starting materials we design random or well-structured block copolymers holding blocks of e.g. PLA, PGA and PCL applicable for thermoplastic processing or for solution transfer into an injectable. Another type available is copolymers based on polyanhydrides and polyorthoesters characterized by offering purely surface controlled drug delivery, applicable for e.g. drug depot.  

Polymers as protein carrier

Proteins and peptides may be delivered safely by being conjugated with predominantly cationic or hydrophobic/lipophobic polymer structures that may include naturally occurring biopolymers and/or synthetic co- or terpolymers. Several state of deliveries can be developed for your biologics.    

Polymers for targeted drug delivery

Polymers can be developed for embedding your drug in single-layered nanoparticles or multilayered polymersomes, dependent on the drug’s solubility. The nanoparticle surface may contain a stimuli-responsive polymer that upon stimulation adheres to and/or starts dissolving, hence increases the dose release at site of inflammation.

Start Your Pharmaceutical Project Today

Chempilots has over 60 years of experience in the research, development and synthesis of custom polymer products for the pharmaceutical industry. To start your project today, call us at 952-686-6525 or send us a message.