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Polymers For Medical Devices

Polymers are widely used in medical devices, often as critical core material. These devices are often designed with required functionalities that are only obtained through highly customized polymers. At Chempilots, we use our expertise to synthesize and develop specialty polymers for both start-up and leading medical device companies around the globe.

Durable and Degradable Hydrogels

Hydrogels has been a key area of experience including synthesis and processing for a variety of application, e.g. soft contact lenses, durable injectable bulking agents, and degradable endoprothesis as soft tissue scaffold. Capabilities include hydrogel chemistry, crosslinking by agents and by irradiation, characterization and testing, and process development for high-volume production.

Polymer inks used in medical devices.

Printable Polymers, Inks, Coatings and Adhesives

Chempilots develops customized polymers and formulations of inks for print transfer by various means, recently including the emerging technology of 3D printing. Another major area of activity is coatings for catheters, cell binding promotion and for antifouling, as well as adhesives for wound dressings, ECG pads and for bonding and potting.

Responsive (smart) polymers

An advanced group of polymers useful within medical fields are stimuli responding (or smart) polymers. Chempilots has successfully customized such polymers being responsive by color change and/or by conformational restructuring. Responsive polymers may be used in diagnostic and interventional devices as e.g. indicators, sensors, actuators, water retention pads and permeability enhanced membranes.

Need a Custom Polymer for Your Medical Device?

For over 60 years, the polymer specialists at Chempilots have been developing and synthesizing custom polymers for the medical device industry. To get started on your medical device polymer project today, give us a call at 952-686-6525 or send us a message.