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A polymer manufacturing machine inside Chempilots facility

Polymer Chemist

Chempilots a/s is looking for a polymer chemist who wants to work with development and manufacturing of polymer materials for primarily the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. You will be part of a team mainly comprised of chemists and chemical engineers and will be involved in both laboratory and desk work, in addition to communicating with customers and external partners.

A significant part of the work will deal with the evaluation, maturing and scaling of existing customer processes and manufacturing methods to establish contract productions, but internal research, development, and manufacturing of materials may also occur.

Task examples:

  • Project oriented work across the R&D group
  • Theoretical and practical assessment and maturing of customer manufacturing processes, hereunder identification and optimization of aspects which challenge manufacturing and further scaling, or challenge product requirements, for instance process design, raw materials, work environment
  • Plan, describe and execute practical work in laboratory and pilot scale, including polymer synthesis or modification of commercially available polymers, in addition to characterization of polymers
  • Process, interpret and report experimental findings and results
  • Document processes and author technical descriptions
  • Cooperate in multi-disciplinary groups across the organization, external partners, and customers


  • Educational background as chemist or chemical engineer, optionally PhD within relevant topic
  • Practical experience with polymer synthesis (e.g. FRP, RAFT, ATRP, ROP) and characterization of polymers (e.g. SEC, NMR, viscometry, rheology, DSC)
  • Technical English at high level, both written and oral
  • Methodical and solution oriented
  • Ability to cooperate in groups across the organization and to work independently

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